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Re: Bug#273986: Quasi-successful Installation - Sarge netinst rc1 on Beige G3

On Thursday, September 30, 2004, at 12:11 AM, Duane Cottle wrote:

Hi Rick,

Sure does. I spent five hours reading your posts since March today.

I take that as the highest of compliments. (<-8) Thank you, sir!

already saved me a lot of trouble testing this stuff. Been working with
boot floppies this evening, as you have.

I just completed a successful install from Sven's daily 2.6 disks. There were some really different/welcome phenomena. I'm sure you'll see it, if
you haven't already.

Do you mean the 2.6 floppy disks? I haven't been able to get them to work. The 2.6 "boot" floppy (the "ofonlyboot" floppy as well) starts reading OK but ends with the screen colors inverted and hangs. It never ejects the "boot" floppy or switches to the text screen. Do you know how to get around this?

The 2.4 floppy set works fairly well, though there's still one show-stopper problem. It can't seem to find my IDE disk. I'll be submitting an install report on my experiences soon.

If you're talking about the CDs (businesscard or netinst) I agree with you. 2.6 is very nice. A CD-based 2.6 install from BootX is, for an experienced user, almost completely trouble-free.

That said, there are some serious "usability" issues for a novice user (Fortunately, these issues are largely shared with the "x86" version -- so I have confidence that they will be fixed before release.) and the PowerPC sections of the manual need to be completely re-written for Sarge. The current one has lots of "Woody"-isms and and not a few "x86"-isms that need to be weeded out and re-written for Sarge and PowerPC/Mac.

Do you know how I could test the netboot images. I'm not there yet. Do
they allow mounting a source nfs export? I've been inching my way there
because I'll eventually load up all my cluster nodes in this fashion.

I haven't tried netboot for Linux yet. (I assume you are talking about telling Open Firmware to get its kernel and initrd via tftp from the net, then getting the rest via NFS -- or something like that.) I've done it for Solaris on Sparc hardware, but never for Linux. My aversion to Apple's buggy Open Firmware implementations is showing, I guess.

If I had to make netboot work, I think I'd try it once on an x86 box first, just to see how it's "supposed" to work for debian. You'll probably want to get some experience with the "mkinitrd(8)" command as well. I expect you'll have to hand-craft your own initial ram-disk images. The current floppy and/or CD-rom initrd images won't be much help for a netboot.

I guess I'm not much help there. You should probably ask the various debian mailing-lists if anyone has done a netboot install successfully and can help walk you thru the steps. You should also check the Apple Tech-info library knowledge-base for anything on net-booting Macs. And there's always google and his cousins, as a last resort.

Let me know what you find out! There's probably a section to be written for the new installation manual in the experience.



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