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Grub install fails.

I just tried the netinst CD image from:

When I got to the stage of installing GRUB, I chose to
install on fd0.  It failed, and all I could do was go
back and install it somewhere else.

I tried:

None worked.  There is nothing wrong with the floppy. 
Installing the bootloader to the floppy works with the
Woody installer and other distros too.

<rant> Hopefully this will reach the list (i'm not
subscribed).  I couldn't be bothered with:
a) subscribe
b) confirm subscribe
c) post message
d) receive numerous messages that i'm not interested
e) find unsubscribe instructions
f) unsubscribe
g) confirm unsubscribe

just to post a simple bug report/observation.  There
must be a better way.


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