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Re: NTFS resize in partman

At 29 Sep 04 19:51:20 GMT,
Joey Hess wrote:
> Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> > Yesterday I made some changes in partman and partman-partitioning to
> > allow resizing of NTFS partitions.
> > 
> > There is no progress bar and in the file
> > partman-partitioning/active_partition/resize/choices we have to
> > replace "/usr/sbin/ntfsresize" by "/usr/bin/ntfsresize".  Today there
> > were rainstorms and I am again without Internet so I am unable to add
> > progress bar to inform the user that something is going on and to
> > replace this string.  Otherwise I think that the NTFS resizing already
> > works and the packages can be uploaded.
> I think this was just too late for tc2. I considered waiting tc2 for it
> but I'd rather not spend more time on tc2 than I must.
> Kinda annoying though, we seem to be getting two important features,
> ntfs resize and raid 5, right after our big featureful release..

Good feature, but really too late. Please don't make our release late
and late.

I hope this feature will be treated as experimental; partman should notice
it's not well tested (and don't treat a bug of this feature as RC.)

Kenshi Muto

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