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Re: State of graphical installer

Quoting Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org):
> State of graphical installer
> Does anybody know the current state of the graphical installer?  Using
> debconf for d-i was said to have the benefit of hooking different
> frontends to it and the gtk/gnome frontend is one of them.
> Michael Cardenas also provided the first version of a graphical
> installer a couple of years ago (1-2) but I don't remember any
> progress or work being done to it.
> Is anybody interested in reviving it and working on a graphical
> installation method?

As answered quickly on IRC, Joey Hess mentioned in his Oldenburg
report that Konstantinos and Colin showed some interest.

I may add that people working on Hindic script languages localization
issues would probably be highly interested as a recent conclusion was
that having a kind of graphical installer using GTK and the Pango
library is the only way to properly display Hindic languages.

(it would also help a lot for all languages needing some
preprocessing, such as right-to-left languages or Thai, or probably
several other languages)

Early post-sarge development is probably the most appropriate moment
for reviving all this.

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