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Bug#273437: 3 problems noted with alpha daily build

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Known limitation of the current installer, which doesn't have support
> for autoconfiguring framebuffer modules on alpha.  There's been some
> work in this area, so framebuffers may actually be supported by RC2;
> however, if you can't provide the output of lspci -n, it would be
> helpful to at least know the contents of /proc/pci for this issue and
> for the second one below.

I'll follow up with that later.  It's a matrox card, which I do normally
run fbcon on.

> However, 'options=3' specifies 100baseTx, not 10baseT; 10baseT is set
> with options=0.  While you may be correct that there are autonegotiation
> problems between the tulip NIC and your switch, the card does not appear
> to be 10baseT-only.

Hrm my mistake -- but that's weird.  Using the SRM parameter for
100BaseT causes the link light to go out and prevents tftp booting.
I'll invetigate more as to which options values work and whether
setting 100BaseT with ifconfig will work.

> The 2.4.27 kernel udebs are only available in unstable.  You will need
> to rerun the mirror configuration step at medium priority, or
> preconfigure the suite selection on the kernel commandline, to point the
> installer daily build at unstable instead of testing.

Thanks, I will try that.

Brian S. Julin

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