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Sarge Partman unable to reuse Woody swap partition

I downloaded and burned a Sarge CD on 20040923. I booted expert26 mode.

The PC I was installing on had already been partitioned / used by Woody, then pointed at the testing files and updated to testing.

I reformatted existing Linux partitions from ReiserFS to XFS successfully.

However, swap came up with the smiley face, and so I did nothing with it. Committing the partitioning was successful other than swap which made it through to 100% on its progress bar, then a failure message came up. I had tried to allow it to prepare swap multiple times without success. I had to physically delete the partition and recreate it as a swap partition.

I have reinstalled Sarge, smiley face for swap, and all was well. So I guess I would have to drop back to Woody, then up to Sarge to recreate this, or does someone know of an incompatibility in swap format off the top of your head and you don't need me to do a recreate on this one?

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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