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Re: how to make mirrors

On Sun 26 Sep, Jojoma500@aol.com wrote:
> so what's the answer ? how do you make a mirror ? Inquiring minds would like 
> to know. thanks for your time! -jo-
   I am using an old Pentium box with a large hard disc running apt-proxy on
Woody. It is configured to search its own cache first, then a selected
series of local mirrors provided by my ISP and local universities, then the
Debian sources, and build a partial mirror "on demand". This is available to
any box on my local network. I then use another old box running jigdo on
Sarge to build ISO images, with the apt-proxy box as its source. The version
of apt-proxy on Woody is said to be extremely buggy, but it does work for
me. There is a complete re-write of apt-proxy in progress, but it is not yet

Chris Bell

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