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Re: Re: Preseed file not working


I'm testing a debian sarge installation on usb hard disks. I'm evaluating using it for laboratory exercises in university. But, I have found some issues.

The installer version is the daily built images from 23 september, with hd-media installer flavor and netinst iso.

First stage installation goes well. Usb hard disk is well recognized, partitioned, and base system is installed on it. Grub installation doesn't work to boot the usb hard disk for the second stage, but lilo booting works well.

The problem appears when the usb hard disk boots from the debian sarge installed base (in second stage), it doesn't get through the initrd phase. usb-storage is registered ok (this only with the 2.6 kernel), but it can't get /dev/sda1 to mount the definitive root filesystem (the one installed in the first stage).

I have configured the DELAY variable in the linuxrc file from the installed initrd, trying to give time to the usb hard disk device to be recognized. To get this working, I've copied the "sleep" command, and the libraries needed, in the initrd cramfs filesystem (I think this is a bug I will file later...). File "script" has the correct device file asigned to the ROOT variable (/dev/sda1).

But the "mount_root" function in the /sbin/init file from initrd doesn't get /dev/sda1 mounted and pivot_root fails to change to the /dev/sda1.

I would apreciate some light to get this working. I've tried to force mknod /dev/sda but initrd cramfs filesystem is readonly...

Somebody has found a solution or a workaround for this?



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