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Re: [l10n] Translation and the freeze of packages

(mail originally to -boot, asking to Debian Installer translators to
send updates to packages we consider part of the "second level" of
translations for D-I because they always prompt users during a normal
system install)

> Do you have any idea what the status is of updates submitted by the various 
> translators and where (sid or directly in sarge through t-p-u) and when they 
> will show up in actual installations?
> If they go through t-p-u I assume they will also be separately committed for 
> sid.
> I know there were some changes for Dutch including some fairly important ones 
> for exim4.

For exim4 updates, it all depends on the maintainer (Andreas Metzler,
IIRC). In the past, exim4 updates have often had frequent updates,
including l10n, so we never took special care in following this

Andreas, do you consider making a special l10n update to exim4
packages and upload it in testing-proposed-updates ? If you use a CVS
or SVN repository, we can offer you help in preparing this (helping in
hadnling of l10n in important packages not part of D-I is something we
already do).

For the other package not maintained by D-I team (if we consider
popcon is), I mean shadow, the update was just sent yesterday to Karl
Ramm, its maintainer, by myself.

I asked Karl to upload a new release with the provided patch and send
it to testing-proposed-updates (shadow is in base). No news since that
(and, indeed, my former mails to Karl about this didn't get any
answer.....but this is quite common with Karl and does not necessarily
mean he doesn't read).

Without news in the next days, however, I will propose a NMU...but I'm
not really sure of the proper way to handle a NMU update in
testing-proposed-updates..so I highly prefer having a maintainer upload.

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