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Bug#270339: No option to install via NFS or local filesystem

Jan Harnisch wrote:
> Originally, I intended to boot this Laptop from floppy and access the 
> install DVD inside my desktop PC via NFS (the Laptop does not have any 
> drives installed; only a floppy drive in the UltraBase). Unfortunately, 
> I had to see that there is apparently no way to access a NFS server 
> (unless, maybe, via TFTP boot, but here I needed to rely on existing 
> infrastructure). Alternatively, I would have had the possibility of 
> copying the installation files into an unused partition, but there also 
> seems to be no way of telling the installer where to find them. Please, 
> pleeease teach the installer how to use NFS or local drives... 
> Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

I doubt we're going to have time to support either of these install
methods for the sarge release. Although somone is welcome to prove me

I think the best way to install in your situation is to boot from floppy
or network, and let the installer download everything over the network
from a Debian mirror. Alternatively, use the hd-media method to boot
from an existing partition and load files from an iso image on it.

I'm mildly interested in supporting installs _to_ nfs, but will not be
working on it until after sarge is released. I don't really see any
benefit in using nfs to download files; a web server is not hard to set

> - The "region selection" option in the main menu is only available if 
> "install drivers from floppy" has been selected and a driver floppy 
> (either cdrom or net) has been loaded; this seems a bit strange.

Yes, a known problem, but not a big enough deal to have been fixed.
Mainly because so few people can do an install without the network
drivers floppy.

> - ping is not available on the console when setting up the network; this 
> makes it a little hard to figure out whether the network has been 
> configured properly if downloading packages fails.

Use wget.

> - In the screen prior to Harddisk partitioning there is one word too 
> much ("..Linux won't know anything nothing about the modifications...")

I don't know what screen you mean, and I cannot find "Linux won't know
anything nothing" anywhere in our source tree. Can you tell me the
title of the message and its complete content?

> - During partitioning, the new /home partition got ID 7 although I freed 
> ID 5 shortly before by deleting an old partition. This is IMHO good 
> default behaviour, but in expert mode maybe some people would like to 
> assign partition numbers by hand.

A reasonable wishlist item..

> - When I did the install for the first time, I did not install a 
> bootloader, but tried to boot again with the floppy by using the 
> "root=/dev/hda2" parameter. This option is ignored and the system boots 
> straight into the installation again. If there is still room left on the 
> floppies, maybe it would be nice to have a rescue mode or something.

There is no room left on the floppies.

see shy jo

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