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Bug#269935: update

Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Using the new partman and partman-reiserfs udebs I could set a
> mount point even for reiserfs. But there were 2 problems:
> - I still got an error popup saying that the root filesystem
>   is not specified.

Me too.

> - The partman menu for reiserfs asked for a label, so for testing
>   I had set it to "root". When I came back after the error message
>   popped up this option was gone :-(.

Apparently it only lets you change the label is the partition is marked
to be formatted. Probably because the tools in the installer are only able
to do so at format time. If you choose to keep the data on the parition,
it won't let you change the label.

> BTW, I would suggest to mark #269630 as a duplicate of
> this report.


see shy jo

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