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Bug#270304: Package: installation-reports

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: rc1 businesscard and netinst images
uname -a: Linux boxname 2.6.7-1-i386 #1 Thu Jul 8 05:08:04 EDT 2004 i686 unknown
Date: 9/6/04 AM sometime
Method: Booted from both Netinst and businesscard images.  Attempted network install from us.debian.org using wlan driver.

Machine: Dell Latitude LS laptop
Processor: P3 400
Memory: 384
Root Device: IDE
Root Size/partition table: 19g ext3, 1g swap
Output of lspci and lspci -n:
Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot worked:    [O]
Configure network HW:   [E]
Config network:         [O]
Detect CD:              [O]
Load installer modules: [O]
Detect hard drives:     [O]
Partition hard drives:  [O]
Create file systems:    [O]
Mount partitions:       [O]
Install base system:    [E]
Install boot loader:    [O]
Reboot:                 [O]


Configure network hardware:  The installer for wlan works, but the help is unclear.  It will not accept a passphrase 's:blah' to generate a 128 bit key, and to get it to accept a 128 bit key, it is necessary to enter the key thusly: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 etc, with the colons.  However, the help screen doesn't say this and it took me almost 45 minutes of trial and error to get it to actually work.  Changing the help screen text would resolve this.

Installing the base system:  Installing sid's base from the businesscard image failed.  It looked like one of the base packages failed to install correctly, but I was unable to preserve a log.  Sorry.  I didn't attempt a sid install from the netinst image.  Installing sarge from netinst seemed to go okay.

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