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Grub bootloader Error 18

I downloaded iso-images of the srage release and tried
to install them on my PII 333Mhz, 128Mb, 2x15Gb SCSI
Harddisks (Win 2000 is installed on Disk 1), IDE-CD

I have some experience with suse 8.2 on disk 2 and
everything (including Grub) work fine.

So I wanted to give Sarge a try and installed it
instead of Suse 8.2. Everything went quiet smooth
(linux26 acpi=off noapi nolapi Boot options set), but
when rebootimg the system to start it for the first
time Grub freezed with the error message: Error 18. 

I reinstalled for 5x with different sets of
parameters, but no luck.

Any hints a deeply appreciated...


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