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Bug#270225: Minor error in 'No partitionable media' dialog

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> Package: partman
> Version: 54
> Severity: minor
> 'No partitionable media was found.'
> should be
> 'No partitionable media were found.'

After a long debate on IRC:

Kamion	bubulle: "no medium" is definitively singular.
	Kamion	bubulle: "no media" would take a plural verb.
	bubulle	svenl: doing and commiting the debconf-updatepo now (in the next 40-60 minutes) would be great as I have l10n-sync running...and this would give us a live example for checking if my script has conflict problems
	bubulle	Kamion: sure, I understand that media-->plural
	svenl	bubulle: what does that mean for me ?
	bubulle	The point is : is there some grammar rule which says that plural should be used in such case
	Kamion	no, there is not
	Kamion	"no medium were found" is definitely wrong
	bubulle	svenl: nothing. This may trigger some problem on my side, but my script should be robust to them
	svenl	bubulle: so, i can upload anytime i like, right ?
	bubulle	yes
	-->|	Fembot (~chatzilla@host217-42-207-180.range217-42.btcentralplus.com) has joined #debian-boot
	CIA-9	debian-installer: bubulle * r20942 packages/nobootloader/debian/po/templates.pot: [l10n] [l10n-sync] Run debconf-updatepo on /home/bubulle/src/debian/debian-installer/packages/nobootloader
	iceman	can I expect quik to fail install if I try it on the "second" not terminating scsi drive? Im doing a test install on a second drive just to see if it works, then Im gonna install on the first drive
	bubulle	So, "no media were found" or "no medium was found" are both correct. Choosing between both is a matter of perception
	svenl	Kamion: i need to create an extra powerpc floppy, is it ok to call it 'extra' like fjp or someone else suggested ? I will move the ndtcfg stuff to it ?
	pb_	bubulle: correct.
	iceman	and quik did fail, now I'd like to know if that is due to my choice of drive, or if it is a bug
	pb_	the former has a connotation that you were conducting a general survey of media, and discovered that none were present. the latter would imply that you looked for a single medium and failed to find it.
	bubulle	definitely prefers french were no such fuzzy things exist...:-)
	bubulle	kidding of course
	Kamion	pb_: the former is more accurate, in a way
	Kamion	we're looking for any available partitionable medium
	pb_	true
	Kamion	svenl: I don't really have an opinion TBH
	svenl	Kamion: ok.
	bubulle	Kamion: yes, I agree. Partman looks for any medium. Let's go for "no media were"
	Kamion	svenl: if it's just an overflow from the root floppy
then maybe root2 or something :)

Let's go for "No partitionable media were found."

And defuzzification of translations.....

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