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Re: How to contribute

Quoting Jaonary Rabarisoa (jaonary@noos.fr):
> hi all, 
> I use Debian for 4 years now and there's no worth to say to you that I 
> find this system GREAT. I thank all Debian developpers for that. I want 
> in my turn to give the litle that I can to help Debian and improve it. 
> I'm not a very good programmer. I just understand how some language 
> works by developping some academic code (I'm a graduate student in 
> Applied Mathematics, at a university in France) but, may be, could I do 
> something with the translators of the debian-installer project. 
> Especially, I'm very exiting to get Debian in my native language which 
> is the "malagasy"  - from Madagascar. So what I have to do for that? 
> Which tools should I use?  kbabel,gtranslator,poedit...which the most 
> user freindly and easy to learn? How can I know wether this language is 
> already supported  or not? Is there , already, somebody work on it?   
> I'll do the most of my work on my laptop, an apple powerbook g4. Is 
> there any specific tools for ppc architecture when develloping d-i 
> (especially for the test, and the compilation)? 

Well, Jaonary, it looks like this is the fourth or fifth time you
write this to us.

I already replied to your mail, giving you several indications about
what needs to be done.

We are very enthusiasts at having Debian installer localized to
Malagasy, but please read your incoming mail...:-)

In case you missed the previous replies, you will find them here:


and relevant thread

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