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RE: How to install without parted?

mzenker@gnotometrics.de wrote:
The problem is that I don't have
  a running Debian more recent than woody
And I don't want to dist-upgrade my woody yet.

this can also be done by copying entire woody partition
 to an unused partition that is at least as large,
 add an entry to lilo.conf for new (copied) partition
   (i dont know how to do this with grub),
 reboot into new partition
 and dist-upgrade that.
this has worked well for me
i have however used 'copy a partition' choice from partman
 to do copying,
 and this is not available to you.
i think copying itself can be done by 'dd',
 but how to get blocknumbers of starts of partitions
 (from partitiontable) i don't know,
 but maybe someone on list knows that.

d-i : copying a partition has been used on 1386 with 80GB IDE disk
 copying a 4GB partition to another 4GB partition,
 this worked well ; i could boot new partition.
 i did not inspect neighbour partitions,
   next partition was free space.

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