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Re: Bug#269042: 269042 Addendum: how to preserve Tru64 prepartitioning from the installer?

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 03:38:18PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> >   > Adding tru64 partition table support (or fixing existing support ?) would
> >   > solve this issue. I have no idea want kind of partition tables are used on
> >   > Tru64 though.

> > Tru64 uses BSD disklabels, so that the Alpha can be booted from SRM.
> > According to an incomplete discussion on the debian-alpha list, partman
> > should be able to handle the Tru64 labels.

> > But partman corrupts those labels in such a way that Tru64 can no longer read
> > them; however, the labels are 'good enough' for SRM, so that debian still boots.

> This is a bug of at least important severity. Could you (or someone else)
> please fill a bug report (or follow up on another bug report already filled
> about this problem), and provide appropriate information on how to fix this.

I have previously filed bugs against parted about the fact that it does
not support overlapping partitions.  This is a requirement for
Tru64-compatible disklabels.  Consequently, partman and Tru64 currently
have mutually exclusive partitioning requirements.

> Notice that the only reason i am not pushing this to RC severity is the
> relative nearness of the release, but since it can cause unrelated data loss,
> it should really be of this kind.

Data loss in an installer is a different sort of bug than the usual RC
data loss -- *any* bug in a partitioner can cause data loss.

> > Really, partman would not need to be fixed if section
> > 
> >    'A.5. Debian Partitioning Programs'

> This is bullshit, since when do we believe in doing some lamentable workaround
> instead of doing the right thing and fixing the issue ? Or are the alpha guys
> also suffering from the debian-powerpc symptom of people liking to document
> their workaround in random web pages, instead of fixing it ? 

random websites like

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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