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Bug#269281: Package: installation-reports


The only configuration I cannot remember how I configured aptitude, so I have rerun the whole process and this is what I did:
1. After the base system is configured and grub installed.
2. I set the root password and a regular user.
3. Apt config:
   - I do not add any other cd.
- It asks if I want to configure another apt source? and I said no. Probably this is what I did wrong, but the message is a bit confusing since it claims that "The Debian package management tool, apt, is now configured, and can install 171 packages. However, you may want to add another source to apt so it can download packages from more than one location."
   - After that I set no proxy and chose to select packages manually.
- This results in the configuration that I explained in my previous mails.

Hope this is more clear.


Joey Hess wrote:

Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes wrote:
~    Let me reword my explanation.
1. I installed from the sarge-i386-netinst.iso CD using English as
language and Europe/Spain as location.
2. The installation finishes (at least for me) running aptitude.

You left out an explanation of how you chose to configure your
sources.list before aptitude was run. That's exactly the information I
asked for in the first place..

6. I run apt-setup manually to add the required lines to continue
installing the system from the network.

I'm confused by the fact that you seem to be able to run apt-setup
manually and get it to do what you want, but when the exact same
apt-setup program is run automatically for you as part of the
installation process as step 1.5 above, you don't seem to be able to set
things up there. Why not?

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