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Re: CP1251 and termwrap

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov wrote:
Ognyan Kulev написав:
For Russian's KOI8-R, nothing is done in termwrap.

termwrap only runs 'cyr' for Russian, but it is not needed.

What do you mean by "not needed"?

How KOI8-R is setup
for stage 2, so that we make CP1251 to be setup in the same way?

Add test for CP1251 in termwrap, or remove all the tests for languages
that have kbd or cyr entries in languagelist.

I've cloned the KOI8-R entry in termwrap and changed it for CP1251. All this in sarge branch of base-config.

I didn't understand the second option -- about the removal ;-)


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