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Bug#267368: install-report

James Boothe wrote:
> Comments/Problems: initially tried the net install disc, my nameservers are configured by dhcp. netinstall failed to get 
>  nameservers, making it useless as the netinstall disc doesn't even have the base system, so no text editor to 
>  fix resolv.conf and move on with things. Ended up coastering a good disc and having to download and burn the full cd 1. 


Also, I think we could use more information, such as installation logs.
It should get the dns server from dhcp and put it in resolv.conf.
Failing that, the logs should tell why it couldn't. Are you sure you
have a correctly configured dhcp server?

> Boy I really wish the netinstall disc had at least a text editor. I'd even settle for something like pico. 

Again, it's nano. This is documented on the help text when you start the

see shy jo

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