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Re: Localization-config uploaded, 2 strings for translation

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 07:52:18PM +0300, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
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> Hi, 
>   I strongly believe that l-c has come to a point that is almost 
> production-ready (reasons are given below) and can be included in 
> Debian.
>   It has been uploaded today to the Debian archive so that anyone can 
> test.
>   Debconf preseeding works as well as post-install scripts. I have 
> added gdm LANG post-install configuration to the package (#266102) 
> and I used all feedback about locale entries that I had. All 
> post-install scripts are run ONLY if the package is installed on the 
> system to avoid scripts failing.
>   I have also added 2 localized entries to base-config, one for 
> pre-install and one for post-install locale configuration.
>   I attach the templates.pot file so that you can translate it to your 
> language and send it to me (or if you prefer added in debian-edu CVS, 
> under debian-edu/localization-config/debian/po).
> Still remaining are: 
> * per-arch/subarch configuration, as it is it's too i386 specific. But 
> i would need some way to get this info, preferably from some existing 
> package (I saw on IRC today that someone offered to do an archdetect 
> debian package) to avoid reinventing the wheel.

That one was waldi, who knows the code rather well, if he doesn't do it, i
will probably do it. I know of at least three places where the exact same code
had to be reimplmented.


Sven Luther

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