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Bug#269253: debian-installer: /var set to mount with noexec, which breaks postinst/config/etc. scripts

Package: debian-installer
Severity: normal

Just did a test install with this:


dated 31 Aug, and when asked for partitioning, selected "Multi-User
Workstation" (IIRC -- the last of the partitioning options, anyway,
definitely had multiuser in the description)

On reboot, it had /var mounted with noexec set, which means that scripts
under /var/lib/dpkg/info are not allowed to run, resulting in general
purpose breakage from there on in.

BTW while doing this test install, I had to re-run the installation of
the base system a few times becasue packages failed to download first
tim for some reason, but it went through smoothly in the end.  I don't
imagine that makes any difference to the /etc/fstab, but thought I ought
to mention it just in case.

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