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Bug#264792: Acknowledgement (installation-reports: Installation report debian sarge installer)

Wouter Hanegraaff wrote:
> Some issues I forgot to mention in the installation report is this:
> I used dutch language settings installing.
> At one point, I arrived at "configuratie van apt", where you get to
> choose between countries for a debian mirror. The first item in the list
> is "Informatie handmatig invoerenArgentinië". This should be two lines,
> one with "Informatie handmatig invoeren" and one with "Argentinië".
> I selected this option, and than nothing happened untill I killed
> a perl process manually that appeard to hang. After that, I manually
> entered the deb http:// line in sources.list, and everything worked ok
> after that.

Half a dozen languages had this breakage. Fixed.

> Another minor issue is that no dma, 32bit mode or umask irq setting was
> used, I had to install hdparm to get these switched on. However, I
> assume that this is by design and you won't do anything about it.

If the kernel doesn't turn these on, we're probably not going to
overrule it.

see shy jo

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