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Bug#264708: lspci -n

reassign 264708 discover1-data

Greg Madden wrote:
> 0000:00:0a.0 0100: 1000:008f (rev 04)

This is in the discover1 database as using the ncr53c8xx module, which
dos not exist for the 2.6 kernel. There's an alternate driver,
sym53c8xx, which supports some of the same cards, some newer ones, and
not some older ones supported by ncr53c8xx. I don't yet know if Greg's
system will work with this driver.

Then there's the version 2 of the driver, sym53c8xx_2. It's available
for 2.4, and is the only available driver for 2.6.

(There's also the 53c7,8xx module, but it does not seem to be the right
one for this board. That module does not seem to be built as part of the
2.4.26 or 2.6.7 i386 kernels.)

Since discover1 cannot use different modules per kernel version, the only
way we can hope to get a module loaded for both kernels is to use
sym53c8xx_2. I don't know how good the sym53c8xx_2 module is for the 2.4
kernel. It sounds from its description like it may support everything
supported by both the ncr53c8xx and sym53c8xx drivers.

If it's not safe/possible to switch discover1-data to using sym53c8xx_2
for this PCI id, we'll have to hack around the problem some other way in
d-i, possibly by linking/aliasing the 2.6 sym53c8xx_2 module to ncr53c8xx
or hardcoding something in hw-detect. So discover1 maintainers, reassign
it back to d-i if you can't fix this bug.

see shy jo

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