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Bug#264482: mounting tmpfs gives bad address

reassign 264482 kernel-source-2.6.7
retitle 264482 sparc64 - compat_sys_mount fails to read arguments

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 07:02:49PM -0700, Joshua Kwan wrote:
> mount: Mounting tmpfs on /mnt: Bad address
> mount: Mounting shm on /mnt: Bad address

Joshua Kwan provides additional informations on IRC:

failing call:
| mount(0x14e060: 'none', 0x150070: '/proc', 0xefffffc5: 'proc', c0ed0000, 0x14e050: '')
successful call:
| mount(0x14e060: 'none', 0x14f068: '/proc', 0x151208: 'proc', c0ed0000, 0x14e050: '')

The output shows the pointer and dereferenced string arguments for the
mount call.

The difference of the failing and successful call is the third argument.
It is located on the heap for the successful call and in the process
arguments for the failing call.


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