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Opinion about sarge install

Hey folks,

Just some opinion about the sarge install process. I installed a july daily
build(I can't remember the exact one, but i think it was 25) on my computer
that has just the very common hardware(i386 arch) with the 2.6 kernel. I
consider myself a getting-to-intemediate-level user and here's some things you
might consider (or not :P):
1)X configuration should be more automatic. I couldn't get the x server to work
on the first try. So I just did some copy and paste for the config file I
backedup from my old Mandrake distro I replaced with debian. If  Mandrake can,
why can't debian get the configuration right with not much user intervention
and technical knowledge? These would make things much easier;
2) I select the desktop package collection and then later when I was trying to
install some software I found out make, gcc and other tools were not installed.
I think these tools should be installed on any install because unfortunetelly
not everything come on .deb packages from a organized  repository;
3) It should be a way to find out what's the best mirror. I had to try I few
until I found that was acceptably fast.
4) My TV card(PixelView Pro w/ FM) doesn't worked after the installation. And
still doesn't. OFFTOPIC: If anyone has any document or anything that can help
me get it to work, it would be very much appreciated.Those things on Google did
not work, I'll try harder to get this card to work and I have more free time :)

I think that's all,

"If God came down on Christmas day, I know exactly what He'd say
 He'd say Oi! to the punks, Oi! to the skins,
 Oi! to the world and everybody wins!" No Doubt

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