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A serious problem with partman/parted [was: D-I impressions]

Ryan Underwood wrote:
> partition table appears to be created with a xxx/64/63 geometry by the
> partitioner.  I'm not sure why this is done.  Most SCSI disks I can
> remember partitioning would have a xxx/255/63 geometry. 

I browsed the archives of the mailing list of parted and discovered that
this is a known bug of parted.  There were even flame wars about it.
This is going to be quiet unfortunate to many people who will try to
install Debian on dual-boot systems (#258880).

This is bug 115980 (will not boot to windows partition using grub
menu) in bugzilla.redhat.com:


This is the starting message of the thread in the mailinglist of parted:


And this is the reaction by the upstream maintainer:


Anton Zinoviev

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