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Re: Bug#263575: base-files: LANG=C for some languages when root login from console

At 5 Aug 04 10:24:34 GMT,
Santiago Vila wrote:
> Sorry, I don't think base-files should fiddle with the LANG variable.

Of course I understand your attitude. I supposed.

> The CD #1 of woody had support for Asian languages via the frame
> buffer device, and it worked "on the console". If this does not work
> anymore in sarge, it should probably be fixed. Setting LANG only for

Asian languages support with framebuffer is implemented by using bterm
or jfbterm.
They are console application, not kernel function.
This means we can't launch up them from /etc/init.d and can't start
X Window System on them as normal user privilege.

> root would be a hack, not a solution. Moreover, if there are really
> some values for LANG which are "dangerous" and unusable on console,
> debian-installer should warn about it.

Hmm, on base-config?

Kenshi Muto

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