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Install Upgrade Failure

Install Upgrade Failure

Trying to install Debian 3.0 bf24.

Install from CD gets "Uncompressing Linux: CRC Error" upon reboot.

Install from boot floppy then FTP over ethernet gets (upon reboot)
"Uncompressing Linux: Invalid compression Format (ERR=1)"

Rescue had "Init Panic:Segmentation violation at 0xB420885B7"
Also tried compiling custom kernels 2.4 and 2.6. These get "There were
Errors" and so a Kernel is not installed. Maybe unrelated.

Also get errors CD installing Redhat 9.0 (Signal 11 and others),
Mandrakelinux 10.0 (Errors installing package)and FTP installing Sarge.
(No ide type modules installed so setup does not allow disk config.)

What works OK:
Debian 3.0 ide-pci with 2.2 kernel. Reinstalled 10 times OK. Both CD and FTP.
Redhat 7.0
Redhat 5.2

What I've tried:

Long ago, tring RH9, replaced RAM, Format HD with partition Magic and
Norton Disk doctor and Redhat installer. Included surface scan several
times. Tried Ext 2 and 3

Disable BIOS cache, disable Bios Antivirus, PNP aware OS=No, Select APM in
BIOS but disable all functions.
Reformat with Redhat 9 installer said:
Ext2-fs Error (Devise ide0 (3.3)): Ext2_find_entry:Bad entry in directory
#3590*1: Inode out of bounds -offset=224 inode=34533633, rec_len=16,

Debian installer format: CFDISK 2.11n shows info different than BIOS
	Cyln	head	sector
Linux	4866	255	63
Bios	19161	16	255

Sarge ethernet FTP install error:
(No ide type modules installed so setup does not allow disk config.)

Want to upgrade to get sound, fonts, PDA sync, CD writer and latest KDE

My System:
Ram: 256MB
MOBO: PC-Chips M810LM-R
BIOS: American Megatrends 2001
Drive: Quantum Fireball Plus. UDMA Mode 5, 40 GB
hda1=/boot 500MB
hda5=swap  1GB
hda6=/     35GB

Side Note: I try to use all primary partitions. Debian installer does not
let you choose, it just does it like above. Don't know if that matters.

Not subscribed due to volume of traffic. I Read via web search page.
Thank you for your time in reading this. Any suggestions appreciated.


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