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debian automatic installation methods

First, I am not sure if this is the place for my question. I know this is the list for debian installer, but I have a more general question about all different methods for automating debian installations.

I was a long time redhat user. Recently I started converting my servers from Redhat to Debian and find myself facing multiple ways for automatic installation -- fai, replicator, systemimager, autoinstall. Before deeply digging into these differents beasts, I hope to hear suggestions from people who know debian much better than me. Can anybody introduce your own experiences with these methods and also your preferences for them?

My server farm is composed of machines with relatively differrent hardware setup -- different cpus (Intel, AMD), differrent disk controllers (Adaptec U320 SCSI, Adaptec U160 SCSI, 3wares SATA), and more servers are coming in weeks, most of which are 3wares SATA, Xeon servers. From what I learned so far, auto-install and fai seem more flexible than others. I am currently testing auto-install and will try fai later.

Any ideas are welcome. Hopefully people won't give me suggestion on debian-installer only. :)



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