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USB ethernet adapter support?


What would it take, and is there any chance of getting into d-i at this late
stage, for d-i to support USB ethernet adapters?

I've finally gotten around to doing some tests on my VAIO (PCG-F590), which
doesn't have an ethernet adapter. Since I've been running wireless at home,
I usually use that for my network connectivity, however I want to do a demo
install on my laptop at CLUG next month, and I'll have to be relying on
physical ethernet.

I plugged my USB ethernet adapter in, and booted the current d-i CD, however
it did not detect the adapter (an SMC Pegasus chipset based adapter).
Furthermore, I note that in the manual list, pegasus isn't an option.

I note that the pegasus module is available in the kernel's module
directory, so I guess it's just a case of detecting it?

How can I help, or is it too late?



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