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Is anyone else seeing this? -- Re: Bug#261460: Non-DHCP network config step of d-i is broken

Is this problem only on OldWorld PowerMac's? Or am I just the only person in the world who wants to configure his network interface without DHCP? If this is happening on i386, it would be a show stopper!

Please, somebody, give it a try and let me know I'm not going crazy. It doesn't take very long to get to the point where this bug manifests itself, and you don't ever get to the point where you need to touch your hard disk, so it's easy to check.



On Monday, July 26, 2004, at 01:09 AM, Rick_Thomas wrote:

Package: installation-reports:[powerpc][20040724]

OldWorld PowerMac


Debian-installer-version: <Fill in date and from where you got the image>


The manual (non-dhcp) configuration option of the "config network"
step is broken.

Here is a blow-by-blow account:

1) Boot 2.6 kernel and initrd copied from CD using BootX, with

2) answer questions til we come to main menu topic "Configure the network"

3) Answer "Auto configure network with DHCP?" with "no"

4) Answer questions til we come to "Is this information
   correct?". Since it is correct, answer "yes".

5) This takes us back to the main menu with "Configure the network"
   hilighted again!

6) Switching to the F2 console, we see (with "ifconfig" and "route")
   that the network interface has been configured as we requested.

7) two possibilities:

   a) If we just hit "return":

     1) We are asked if we want DHCP (again).  Going to console F2
        shows that the network has been de-configured.

     2) we answer "no" (again) to the DHCP question, and we go thru the
        same set of questions again. Winding us back at step 5 (again).

   b) If we manually (down-arrow key) move to "Choose a mirror", and
      hit return, we wind up at step 7a (again)!

Am I doing something wrong?

Very strange!


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