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Re: Bug#260433: Power4 fails to boot install kernel

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 12:47, Jake Moilanen wrote:
> - yaboot.conf is not located at /etc/yaboot.conf.  If you are booting a
> chrp box, yaboot expects yaboot.conf to be at /etc/yaboot.conf.  I got
> around this problem by doing a hardlink.
> - The device in yaboot.conf is set to 'cd' and newer versions of
> firmware for ppc64 RS6000 have the name 'cdrom', thus it couldn't find
> any of the kernels or boot.msg files on the disc image.
And to make the boot automatic (instead of typing "boot cdrom" at OF) there 
must be a /ppc/bootinfo.txt:
<description>Debian GNU/Linux </description>
<os-name>Debian GNU/Linux </os-name>
<boot-script>boot &device;:\boot\yaboot.rs6k</boot-script>

The yaboot binary bust be pre-processed with addnote and the iso image must be 
created with the -chrp-boot option!

> - The power4 kernels will cause a default catch in open firmware when
> booted.  I'm not sure exactly how the power4 kernels are being built,
> but every ppc64 box I tried they failed to boot.
I was able to boot only 64 bits kernels in the p615. The JS20 may be similar. 
I am working in a simplistic cross-compiler package to solve the problem.


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