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timeline for next release

At this weekend's meeting[1] we decided to try to make a release by the
end of this month. Here is a timeline for the release.

19 July		udebs in sid are synced to sarge (first sync)
20 July		string freeze begins, no changed templates until release
20 July		cut test candidate 2
24 July		last uploads of translations to archive
26 July		udebs in sid are synced to sarge (second sync)
31 July		release

Note the string freeze, which will be coordinated by Seppy. Also, we
will have a test candidate out during the time of the string freeze,
to facilitate testing something very close to the final release, though
without fully updated translations. 

see shy jo

[1] http://people.debian.org/~joshk/d-i_meeting_20040717.log

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