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Re: How handle amd64 D-I installation reports and bugs?

Frederik Schueler wrote:
> we get more and more installation reports concerning the amd64 installer 
> every day on debian-amd64@l.d.o wich are not filed in the bts because the
> amd64 installer is not official yet. 
> The amd64 installer suffers the same problems as the i386 one, just
> limited to the 2.6 kernel flavour and the installation of unstable only.
> The nightly amd64 D-I builds are not patched whatsoever, only the
> debootstrap version has a temporary fix to not fail installing sid.
> Everything else is "as is" from svn.
> My question: Do we still want to wait for the amd64 port to be officially 
> included in sid, before ppl can send those install- and bug-reports to
> the same places as for all other architectures, or can we start right
> away with it, since the bugs have to be fixed nonetheless?

I personally have no problem with putting them in the BTS. Until amd64
is in the archive and a release architecture, the bugs about it cannot
be release critical, but it does no harm to put them in the BTS. The few
amd64 problems I've helped with so far ended up helping the i386 port

see shy jo

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