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Re: 20040711 i386 sid_d-i netinst 2.6 BROKEN (ja_JP)

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Environment: VmWare
> Platform   : i386
> Kernel     : 2.6
> Locale     : ja_JP
> Image      : netinst sid_d-i 20040711
> Priority   : high
> Result     : Similar hang than the one described for ru_RU installs
>              This seems to be a vesa_fb module loading problem which
>              probably affects all2.6 installs with languages requiring
>              the load of the framebuffer module

I see the same problem. It's not a hang, but a framebuffer display with
no program writing to it. Apparently jfbterm has some problems working
with this kernel:

+ exec /usr/bin/jfbterm -q -c other,EUC-JP,iconv,UTF-8 -e /usr/sbin/base-config new
ioctl FBIOGET_CON2FBMAP: Invalid argument

The reason you saw a hang with Russian also (and possibly the cause of
other recent problems with russian), is that with LANG=ru_RU, "locale
charmap" returns ISO-8859-5. All the code in termwrap for Russian
assumes the encoding is KOI8-R. The fallback terminal for unknown
encodings such as ISO-8859-5 is the non-working jfbterm. I suppose the
new countrychooser fixes this.

see shy jo

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