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Bug#258877: using menu item return code to reboot system is fragile

Package: main-menu
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

Recently the way d-i does an exit/reboot was changed, so that menu items
may pass a special code 11 or 12 to main-menu, which then exits with
that same code, and causes rootskel to halt or reboot the system. This
change has made d-i less robust. 

It means that if some menu item goes haywire and happens to return one
of these codes, the system will inexplicably reboot. Compare it to the
other magic exit code, 10, which just makes main-menu lower the priority
and display the menu, an inherently safe action. But with this reboot
thing, something goes wrong and the system may just reboot itself
unexpectedly, which will be a joy to debug, I'm sure.

This is a fundamental misdesign. It should be reverted.

see shy jo

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