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Bug#258352: can't partition disk on G5

Package: installation-reports
Version: 20040704

I used .../20040708/sarge-powerpc-netinst.iso
and booted with install-power4-2.6

I read somewhere that i should select then Sungem
NIC driver.  That worked, because it reverse queried
my DNS for the hostname.  BTW it put hostname.domainname
as the default hostname, then asks for the domainname.

There's a problem with partitioning the disks.  It seems
like some options are missing from this screen.  No
partitions appears.  Switching over to another console
i tried to fire up fdisk... i mean mac_fdisk or whatever.
It couldn't find device files.  In fact i couldn't find
any device files for disks at all.

Also none of the sata modules were loaded.  There's about
6 of them.  Don't know which ones to load, so i just loaded
all of them.

And that's where i am.  I'm not sure what parameters to
give mknod.



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