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Re: Installing Debian on PPC Mac


Maybe the best use you could make of your remaining machines is to send
one or two of them to Sven for use in debugging oldworld-powermac
installation problems.

Is this possible?


On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 02:03, Sven Luther wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 09:18:03PM -0400, richard.miller wrote:
> >  
> Err, your other address is bouncing.
> > It's a G3 desktop (beige, oldworld) powermac.
> Ok, debian is known to install work on those.
> > I've basically given up on the thing since once I get to the point of making
> > the system bootable with quik (and even trying to go in and set and the
> > nvsetenv boot configurations) I get a fatal error of it not being able to
> > find the right ata disk partition.
> This is with debian-installer's version of quik ? I suppose you where
> never able to reboot them, right ?
> > I've tried re-ordering the root partition to 1st or 2nd, etc. and nothing
> > works - always the same fatal error that I cannot recover from since I can't
> > boot from CD or floppy.
> We have to perfect the miboot floppies, where you able to test them, or
> not ? 
> > And if it seems odd that I'm able to take multiple tries at it, it is
> > because I have at my disposal about 10 of these machines, of which I have
> > not been able to install debian on about 6 of them.
> Cool. I will be getting an oldworld machine in the next days/weeks, so i
> will be able to do testing on it which would help you. I have no
> experience whatsoever with quik though, except that it always tries to
> install itself on my system where it has not even the remotest chance of
> running.
> > I'm reluctant to exhaust the remaining 4 not because they are useful to me
> > (they're ultimately going to surplus if I can't get a linux distro on them)
> > but because this is a waste of my time and I'm a little in over my head when
> > it comes to having to decipher open firmware commands.
> > 
> > Any help you can give though, would be greatly appreciated.
> Well, the help i can give is helping to get support in the
> debian-installer for them, but for that i need more exact report of what
> you are trying to do, including how you are installing, what image you
> are using for it, and what the results are.
> Keep in mind that i have no experience whatsoever with oldworld pmacs
> though.
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

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