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Re: state of d-i sarge: broken

> I'm afraid that sid is diverging too far from sarge for it to be easy to
> keep maintaining sarge (we're at the point of needing relativly untested
> backports of some packages to be put into sarge to fix bugs), and that
> nobody is testing sarge's d-i, or paying much attention to it at all.

Well, my daily tests are done on sarge_d-i as well as sid_d-i
images. However, I can only do these in a VmWare environment with a
standard install path which is pretty limitating and may miss some
broken things.

But, such tests have revealed the debconf priority bug (and a few
other people have found it in the same time) so I think we have people
paying attention to sarge. Probably not enough because there are so
many possible cases(the 2.4/2.6 duality does not help in that matter).

Testing on real hardware would be better in such cases, but this
requires far more time by burning CD images, for instance.....and of
course, this also requires hardware.

On my side, my testing and l10n activity will probably be more
irregular from now up to 4th week of August because of many days away
in July...and a full 2 1/2 week away in August.

Normal rhythm expected to come back on August 23rd.

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