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Re: Loading therm_* modules in d-i on Macs

Colin Watson wrote:
>   (2) Take the logic from the respective module *_init functions,
>       reimplement it in shell by poking about in /proc/device-tree (I've
>       looked at the kernel code and believe this is straightforward),
>       and probe and register whatever that says will work.
>     Pros: accurate about what should go in /etc/modules, regardless of
>     glitches in the installer environment; no spurious errors, only real
>     ones.
>     Cons: code duplication, so would have to stay in sync with the
>     kernel (although d-i's kernels won't rev very often once we go
>     stable); more complex.

Maybe something like this option #2 could be put in discover 2?

see shy jo

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