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Bug#257027: Debconf priority is 'Low' at second-stage

Package: prebaseconfig
Severity: important

With the latest floppy images, I installed an i386 machine.  Everything
went smooth as usual.  The only thing unusual I did was to do some
special partitioning, to leave space for a dual-boot system.

When rebooting into second stage, debconf priority had suddenly turned
to low.

On analysis, we found that questions.dat contained no value for debconf
priority, while templates.dat contained the correct default.

We talked about this on IRC and decided that the problem is in
prebaseconfig, since there was a piece of code that made sure that
debconf priority was set in the file questions.dat and it seems not to
be working anymore.

The files (questions.dat and templates.dat) are available on request.

Hope someone can fix this :)


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