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Bug#256954: frees wrong memory

Matt Kraai wrote:
> The first time ethdetect calls db_unregister, the read command
> fails.  This prevents it from reading parameters, which prevents
> it from loading the ne module, which prevents the network from
> working, which prevents the installation from succeeding.
> I think the read fails because the other end of the pipe closes
> because cdebconf crashes because of a bug in
> question_owner_delete: if the owner that it is trying to delete is
> not last one in the list, it frees the owner field.
> The attached, untested patch should fix it, but I'd appreciate a
> review.

If this is causing many problems, and if that does not fix it, I think the
unregister calls in ethdetect are not strictly necessary, and I could
comment them out for a while.

see shy jo

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