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Loopback device

Hi, I'm a first timer trying to install Woody 3.0 r2. Somebody else burnt the installation CDs for me. My hardware is rather old, its a used system originally made by Austin Computer Systems. The CD-ROM drive is old too. I booted up with the default options (I just pressed enter at the prompt) and proceeded with the installation. All was well until I reached the "Install device drivers" step. I chose to install from CD-ROM because it recommended that. I had CD-ROM 1 in the drive. It was on the "Installing drivers from /instmnt/dists/woody/long_path_name/drivers.tgz..." screen for a while, so I switched to virtual terminal 3 to see the log. The last two entries were:
loop: can't get info on device
dev/loop0: no such device or address
I switched to terminal 2, the shell. I used df to see if the disk was being written to. It wasn't. I rebooted and tried this several more times. Every time it failed. I researched the loopback device and found out that it's used to mount the CD-ROM or something. I'm a first timer with Linux, so I'm not sure what to do. Maybe the loopback device wasn't being compiled or something? Should I try another CD set or use floppies to load the drivers? If so, where do I get the floppy images at?
Please give me advice on what to do. Thank you!
I can be reached at dabreegster@hotmail.com or over AIM. My screen name is DaBreegster. Thanks!

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