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Re: net-boot installer question

John Smith wrote:

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 01:04, Joey Hess wrote:
John Smith wrote:
	just started using the debian-installer, got my first few
systems installed with sarge through PXE and net-boot.

Wanted to find out more about the inner workings and modify the first boot of the kernel. According to the instructions
vmlinuz is booted with init=/linuxrc so I uncompressed and mounted
the initrd.gz and expected to find a /linuxrc. I didn't. Is this
not valid anymore or am I on the wrong track?
Those must be old instructions (which ones?), init has been /sbin/init
for a while.

Used those:


Since I'm PXE-booting, I thought I'd cast my eye over it. I don't know what version of d-i I'm using, likely it's beta4 or later (depending on what was on the ISOs I picked up a while ago).

I'm using this:
label 4
       kernel images/sarge/vmlinuz
       append initrd=images/sarge/net-initrd.gz

with apparent success - I've not let it go far as I want to fiddle with it first,

What I really want to say though is this:
The requested URL /debian-boot/2004/debian-boot-200406/msg02222.html' was not found on this server.

Since I haven't a clue where it really is, I'll leave it to someone else.

_I_ do have a linuxrc, but it's pretty short.



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