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Re: Debian installation enviroment

On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 05:59:05PM +0200, debian@interactiondesign.nu wrote:
> Hello all!

> I've used debian fora couple of years but actually never thought much
> about the installation process except to ge tmy system installed.
> But now I'm part of a research project and I need to find out about among
> other thing dbootstrap, what enviroment variables it uses and required
> programs and libraries.
> Is there any documentation besides the installation docs on debian.org
> covering this?
> Is it possible to make a chroot enviroment similar to the enviroment on
> the boot-cd?

I have no idea what you have in mind.
My suggestion is that you type at a Debian system

   apt-cache show pbuilder

Or visit


> It's all regarding woody cd sets.

Euh, you wanna base interaction design on woody?

Anyway, let us known if this what you are looking for.
(That could mean you have to refrase your question)

> Regards Fredrik Johnsson

Geert Stappers

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