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Bug#256405: crash displaying main menu in arabic

Package: debian-installer
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

I booted today's sid_d-i build from a usb stick. At the language
chooser, I chose the nice new Arabic choice, and then at countrychooser,
it was at the full list of contries, and I realized I din't speak
Arabic, and selected the back button.

At this point, the installer enters a crash loop. I'm seeing it start
the frame buffer in preparation for starting main-menu, over and over,
only to have it crash before it ever displays any UI.

Some experimentation and it looks like the problem is just with showing
the current d-i main menu, localised to Arabic. I can reproduce the same
problem by booting in expert mode, selecting Arabic, and pressing enter;
when it tries to draw the main menu (same as it does when you go back
from countrychooser), it must not like something, and it crashes.

see shy jo

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