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Bug#256237: The time between screens is annoyingly long

Package: partman
Severity: minor


Using partman to edit the partition table can be quite annoying.  One of
the things is, for example, the time between screens.  It might not be
evident if you have a fast machine, but testing it with a PII or similar
is enough to make anyone crazy (you can't imagine what it's like
when testing on a m68k).

Is there a reason why it takes SO MUCH time to go from the
partition-menu to the formatting-menu, and then back?
(the same with mount point and the other screens).

I don't know what kind of checks are being done in the middle, but I'm
hoping that these tests could be optimized all in one stage, so that the
rest of the stages go fast.

Please take a look at this, you can make the interface much nicer by
making it fast.


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