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Bug#256001: S50frontend is run too late

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Mario Lang wrote:
>> /lib/debian-installer.d/S25env2debconf runs env2debconf from
>> rootskel, which already tries to load the frontend module (i.e., check
>> DEBIAN_FRONTEND, fallback to /etc/cdebconf.conf defaults (newt), export
>> DEBIAN_FRONTEND).  So when S50frontend is run, it falls through as
>> a no-op since that script checks for -z $DEBIAN_FRONTEND.
>> One way to fix this would be to rename S50frontend such that it
>> runs before S25env2debconf.  However, this smells fishy since
>> IMO S25env2debconf shouldn't try to load the frontend module in the
>> first place, should it?
> Sure, env2debconf starts debconf, but that is a temporary run of it, it
> will not persist past the end of that program, and the variables like
> DEBIAN_FRONTEND set by env2debconf cannot possibly be inherited by the
> program that ran it. That's why env2debconf is a separate program called
> by S25env2debconf, precisely to avoid this kind of problem.
OK, seems I didn't fully understand it then.  However, it still
is broken the way it is done right now, since env2debconf loads
the default frontend from /etc/cdebconf.conf (newt) since there
is no DEBIAN_FRONTEND variable at that point, which fails
on a system which doesn't have cdebconf-newt installed, terminating
the whole /sbin/debian-installer loop and restarting from the beginning
(failing again and again).

So S50frontend should perhaps indeed be moved to run before

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