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Re: Summary do D-I IRC meeting 20040619

Christian Perrier wrote:
>  B) broken sparc64 module loading (fix: busybox-cvs 20040415-3)
>     NEEDS also netcfg to be pushed. Is it release quality?
> Lot of discussion around this point : is netcfg release quality or
> not?
> Indirectly, sparc64 module loading depends on this, so deeply testing
> netcfg for *regression* with regards to tc1 is needed. tc1 netcfg was
> considered satisfactory though not perfect.

I don't feel that the new netcfg is ready. It needs to settle down
first, which is beginning to happen, but still not really. And it needs
a lot of testing. There are alternatives to letting the busybox fix be
blocked by netcfg; see my post to #255012.

> Japanese with 2.6.6 needs close tests because of broken 2.6.6. During
> the meeting, Korean also confirmed as broken in these circumstances.
>   -->Kenshi Muto follows 2.6+JP in sid_d-i
> Pushing the unstable 2.6.6 kernel into testing is probably needed.

Do you mean pushing kernel-image-2.6.6-2-386 to testing? I suspect that
would also need base-installer changes because of the "-2" in the

>  E) broken ataraid and ida support (fix: libdebian-installer 0.26.really.0.22)
> We need finding people with SATA things and have them test sid_d-i

I've asked James to put the fixed libd-i into testing from t-p-u.

see shy jo

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